Fire Watch

While our officer’s are certified as Private Security Professionals with the State of Oregon through the Department of Safety Standards and Training (DPSST), we also provide Fire Watch services to your building, private home, construction site and more.

Our officer’s are trained to handle emergency situations requiring immediate dispatch of local fire departments and/or emergency services. Our constant patrols ensure a watchful eye for potential fire hazards, new fire starts and evidence of tampering with fire monitoring systems. Maintenance of fire watch log reports ensures compliance with local fire marshals and institutes diligence while on your site.


Situations which require Fire Watch to be established (Portland: ARB-FIR-1.04):

1.  A Fire Alarm system in an alarm or trouble condition, or not functional in residential, institutional, or assembly occupancies;

2.  Hazardous material spills or other situations presenting a hazard to life or property;

3.  Sprinkler systems that are out of order in residential, institutional, or assembly occupancies; or in facilities that present a major fire-fighting challenge.

Fire Prevention Sprinkler
Red Fire Alarm Box

Keeping your building safe from unwanted persons and activity is priority in security. Keeping your building free of preventable crisis events is a must.

We service the cities of Eugene, Portland, & Salem, Oregon, and their surrounding areas.

Downtown Eugene Oregon
Eugene, OR
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