Special Event Security

Having event security services can be a major advantage. Just having a visible presence can deter theft, vandalism, and even promote safety, which creates a better atmosphere for everyone attending any event.

At Advanced Security, our event security is made up of highly qualified, decorated, trustworthy individuals who have gone through proper training. You can count on having confident individuals who can make the crucial decisions in any situation and act in accordance with the law. We’re here to follow the proper operational procedures, and we’ll provide you with a detailed review of our officers’ special event security staff. When you’re putting on an event, you can rest assured that everything is taken care of with Advanced Security.

Event Security Services

Advanced Security provides onsite, posted uniformed, and plainclothes officers (armed or unarmed), for events such as:

  • Government Functions and Events
  • Private Parties and Events
  • Concerts, Fairs, Expositions, Trade Shows, and Public Entertainment
  • Conventions, Business Gatherings, and Other Similar Events
  • VIP Security Details and Individual Protection
  • Concierge Services, Mobile Escorts, Customized Services for Attendees, and Other Security-Related Services as Required
  • Political Events and Rallies

Our officers can act in any capacity and/or wear event-appropriate attire, so as to not draw attention or to be as visible as possible for deterrent purposes. Simply give us your instructions and you can have peace of mind knowing that your desires will be followed professionally and in accordance with your objectives.

Call Advanced Security for Reliable Special Event Security

Advanced Security has provided reliable, dedicated security services for many events. You can rest assured that the overall quality of our special event security patrol services starts with the hiring process. At Advanced Security, we vet and train personnel. This means your event security patrol isn’t a team of individuals who are just filling spots. We’re committed to providing the event security you need. Over the past 30 years, we have refined the process of hiring, training, and supervising. This process has worked every time, and we can provide professional event security services for you.

Get in touch with our offices to begin today. Our experienced professionals are committed to keeping your event safe. With our special event security services, we can come up with a plan to best serve you. Whatever your event needs, our services are catered to your requirements.

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