Patrol Services

Patrol Services

Our Patrol Division is comprised of our most decorated and trusted officers; each going through proper training of client’s operational procedures as well as an internal review of their driving history. We want to provide you with a confident individual who, when the time comes, can be trusted to make the right decisions and act in accordance with the law, while you are away from your business.

Our completely customizable patrols allows you, as the client, to determine the best services needed. Whether you would like us there for a single visit or more, Advanced Security, Inc. will always provide you with a feeling of comfort while you are away from your property.

We provide:

Driving patrol visits – Walking patrols of your property – Lock Up and Unlock capabilities

*All of which can be timing specific*


Bicycle Patrol – Eugene, OR

The Eugene Midtown Business Associates (MBA) was formed by a volunteer group of business owners and residents in Eugene’s “Midtown” (11th to 15th and Charnelton St. to Ferry St.) to address the increasingly problematic incidents of crime in the area. Muggings, vandalism and trespassing were becoming commonplace.

The sole purpose of the MBA is to ensure safety and security, which is essential to the economic health of the Eugene area. Over the years, our service has expanded and today the Association pays for two bicycle security patrol officers. The results of this patrol have been dramatic. According to the Eugene Police Department, crime in the area is down over 50%. (“Serving The Eugene Business Community.” Midtown Business Associates – Safety & Security Patrol Program. Feynman Group, 2017. Web. 23 June 2017.)

Patrol Services

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