Alarm Response

You receive a call from a dispatch center notifying you of a burglary alarm at your business. They have contacted law enforcement, but they have stated they are busy on other calls and will respond as soon as they can.

What do you do? Respond by yourself, wait for law enforcement or hope that it is a false alarm?

No business owner should ever be put in this situation. Contracting with ASI for alarm response services is the only way you can ensure all alarms are dealt with in a safe and professional manner. By planning ahead of time, we can ensure that each and every alarm call is filtered through our patrol division where dispatchers will talk with officers who are trained and have experience in risk/incident management. We have the ability to contract with specific alarm companies as well as specifically to your business or residence.


Alarm Keypad

Contact us today if you have any questions about the Alarm Response services we offer. We are happy to answer all your questions.

Keeping your building safe from unwanted persons and activity is priority in security. Keeping your building free of preventable crisis events is a must.

We service the cities of Eugene, Portland, & Salem, Oregon, and their surrounding areas.

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