VIP Protection

VIP’s recognize that “executive protection” is an important element in an overall security plan. The threats posed can extend to the VIP’s business interests, family members, employees, and in the case of celebrities, their fans.

Our VIP security professionals are experts at providing effective personal protective services that will ensure not only the security, but also the privacy of our clients.

Whether you are a visiting VIP or a resident VIP of the Pacific Northwest, Advanced Security, Inc. will provide the highest level of personal protective services you need, wherever and whenever you need them. If you or your company has experienced threats or have concerns about being targeted, call us for details and we will gladly and confidentially discuss your security needs.

Some of the Clients We Have Served:
Justin Bieber (Singer)
Prince (Actor/Musician)
Michael Moore (Film Director)
Dale Earnhardt (NASCAR Driver)
Colin Powell (Secretary of State)
Jane Goodall (Primatologist)
Katie Harman (Miss America 2002)
Jerry Seinfield (Actor/Comedian)
Peter Jennings (News Anchor)
Russell Crowe (Actor)
Michael Jordan (Athlete/Actor)
Journey (Rock Band)

What Are Private Security Guard Services?

The presence of private security guards makes your business that much safer for employees and customers alike. When you request our services, you will have security guards driving by or surveilling the premises by foot to help deter any criminal activity or unwanted conduct. We are the first ones to take action when something happens that requires immediate intervention without disrupting your business operations. Our team is composed of qualified and decorated guards who you can trust to protect your property. We will help you meet your business needs with regularly scheduled patrols whenever you need us.

This is what our private security guard services consist of:

  • Promote a secure environment
  • Deter criminal activity on your property
  • Make customers and employees feel comfortable
  • Provide surveillance by car or on foot
  • Be the first to respond to suspicious activity
Security Guard watching Over a VIP

The Benefits of Choosing Advanced Security

Advanced Security is a private security contractor with over 27 years of experience in the industry and we serve businesses in the greater Portland, OR, area. We provide our clients with the protection they need to keep their employees and customers safe. Our private security team is available to patrol on foot, lock and unlock your building, as well as surveil the place by car. You can count on us to keep an eye out and intervene when necessary because we have high standards when it comes to hiring, training, and the procedures we follow. Our services are streamlined, so it’s easy to get the consistent services you need at a competitive rate. If you need private security guard services for your commercial building, turn to us for dedicated surveillance anytime day or night.

If you are in need of professional or executive protective services.

We service the cities of Eugene, Portland, & Salem, Oregon, and their surrounding areas.

Downtown Eugene Oregon
Eugene, OR
Oregon State Capital Building In Salem Oregon
Salem, OR
Downtown Portland Oregon
Portland, OR
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