VIP Protection


VIP’s recognize that “executive protection” is an important element in an overall security plan. The threats posed can extend to the VIP’s business interests, family members, employees, and in the case of celebrities, their fans.

Our VIP security professionals are experts at providing effective personal protective services that will ensure not only the security, but also the privacy of our clients.

Whether you are a visiting VIP or a resident VIP of the Pacific Northwest, Advanced Security, Inc. will provide the highest level of personal protective services you need, wherever and whenever you need them. If you or your company has experienced threats or have concerns about being targeted, call us for details and we will gladly and confidentially discuss your security needs.

Some of the Clients We Have Served:

Justin Bieber (Singer)

Prince (Actor/Musician)

Michael Moore (Film Director)

Dale Earnhardt (NASCAR Driver)

Colin Powell (Secretary of State)

Jane Goodall (Primatologist)

Katie Harman (Miss America 2002)

Jerry Seinfield (Actor/Comedian)

Peter Jennings (News Anchor)

Russell Crowe (Actor)

Michael Jordan (Athlete/Actor)

Journey (Rock Band)



We service the following cities and their surrounding areas:

Salem Corporate Office
1255 Cross Street SE
Salem, OR 97302

Portland Metro Office
716 SE 11th Avenue Suite A
Portland, OR 97214

Eugene-Springfield Office
749 Madison Street
Eugene, OR 97402

Vancouver Office

Vancouver, WA