Professional Onsite Security Guard Services

There is an increasing need for reliable and professional security guard services that you can trust to keep you, your coworkers, and your property safe. When you need security guard services in Portland, OR that you can count on, look no further than Advanced Security.

At Advanced Security, we believe that security guard services should only be carried out by professionals, so for the last 27+ years we have followed a process where we hire, train, and supervise our security officers so they are prepared to provide exceptional security guard services to all of our clients in Portland. Many of our administrative and training staff have law enforcement backgrounds, so we maintain high standards in training. We strictly adhere to the State of Oregon Department of Public Safety standards and training. Advanced Security ensures that our officers are trained and fully qualified as per the Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST). We make certain that our officers can serve our clients in Portland with the confidence and ability to react appropriately.

Onsite Security Guards

The need for reliable onsite security services in Portland has become more apparent and necessary over the last year, and Advanced Security is prepared to fulfill that need with our exceptionally trained security officers. When we contract with you for onsite security, we will do a full assessment of your needs, including familiarizing ourselves with the property, and noting the areas of concern, the times when coverage is most important, and what would be best for both your safety and your budget. We will then come up with a schedule and plan of action that is best suited to your wants and needs. You can trust the professionals at Advanced Security to protect your assets.

Patrol Services

Contact Advanced Security for Professional Security Guards Services in Portland, OR

At Advanced Security, we are committed to providing our clients in Portland and the surrounding cities, with qualified and professional onsite security guard services. Our commitment to high-quality professional training and procedures, as well as our ability to accommodate the changing needs of our clients, is what sets Advanced Security apart from other security services. Contact our Portland Metro office today at 503-222-5381 for the most reliable security guard services in Portland, OR.

We service the following cities and their surrounding areas:

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