Private Security in Portland, OR

When you have private security guards patrolling your property, you can deter criminal activity and other unwanted conduct from taking place or put it to an end as soon as possible. At Advanced Security, we help businesses in Portland, OR, by having guards surveil the area. We’re prepared to act when we see suspicious behavior and we generally promote a sense of safety for both customers and employees. Deter criminal activity and other unwanted conduct to your business when you hire us for private security services.

What Are Private Security Guard Services?

The presence of private security guards makes your business that much safer for employees and customers alike. When you request our services, you will have security guards driving by or surveilling the premises by foot to help deter any criminal activity or unwanted conduct. We are the first ones to take action when something happens that requires immediate intervention without disrupting your business operations. Our team is composed of qualified and decorated guards who you can trust to protect your property. We will help you meet your business needs with regularly scheduled patrols whenever you need us.

This is what our private security guard services consist of:

  • Promote a secure environment
  • Deter criminal activity on your property
  • Make customers and employees feel comfortable
  • Provide surveillance by car or on foot
  • Be the first to respond to suspicious activity

The Benefits of Choosing Advanced Security

Advanced Security is a private security contractor with over 27 years of experience in the industry and we serve businesses in the greater Portland, OR, area. We provide our clients with the protection they need to keep their employees and customers safe. Our private security team is available to patrol on foot, lock and unlock your building, as well as surveil the place by car. You can count on us to keep an eye out and intervene when necessary because we have high standards when it comes to hiring, training, and the procedures we follow. Our services are streamlined, so it’s easy to get the consistent services you need at a competitive rate. If you need private security guard services for your commercial building, turn to us for dedicated surveillance anytime day or night.

Patrol Services

Contact Us To Get the Protection You Need

Private security is something many businesses would benefit from, especially when you’re selling merchandise, operate during late hours, or have a lean workforce. Advanced Security is here to meet your need for security guards who can patrol the area and step in when necessary. With just our presence, we can often deter people from unwanted activity. We’re trained and experienced professionals who are ready to do what’s in the best interest of your company. Whatever schedule you need us to work, we’ll be there to help prevent financial loss to your business. Employees and customers alike will thank you for the added sense of security while they’re working their shift or shopping in the store. Having private security guard services is a wise choice because it benefits you in more than one way. Get in contact with us at 503-222-5381 to schedule our services for your commercial building in the Portland, OR, area.

We service the following cities and their surrounding areas:

Salem Corporate Office
1255 Cross Street SE
Salem, OR 97302

Portland Metro Office
716 SE 11th Avenue Suite A
Portland, OR 97214

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749 Madison Street
Eugene, OR 97402

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